Tiny Investments

Not only is solid gold beautiful, it lasts forever and maintains long term value. It may even gain in value, especially when economic times are tough. The more solid gold in your jewelry, the more you are investing in gold. That value is yours to keep.

The majority of "gold plated" & "gold filled" jewelry costs between $30 - $100+ and possess very little actual value.  For the same price range - plus the small investment in gold - you can own beautiful jewelry that lasts forever.

GOLDILOCKS EXCHANGE  | currently for U.S. orders only

Exclusively at KARAT1424.com, we offer 1 year of unlimited exchanges within the Goldilocks Exchange. Trade anything within the KARAT Goldilocks Exchange as many times as you wish, only pay $10 S&H and the price difference. 
See our Shop policy for more info on how it works.

Absolutely happy with and cannot part with them? Keep them forever and hand them down as heirlooms to loved ones.
Sadly we cannot offer the Goldilocks Exchange to International buyers until we expand our business beyond borders. We hope to offer it soon! But of course you can still buy KARAT gold jewelry for keeps.

KARAT jewelry is never marked up 8x or more like old fashioned jewelry brands. Currently our markups are between $30 - $100 for labor, profit, and costs of running the business - the same price range as plated jewelry. 

We use recycled gold & ship in eco-friendly packaging.

Timeless & versatile, you won't feel the need to take KARAT jewelry off at the end of the day.  Invest in everyday elegance.

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